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48 Hour Film Project
48 EcoFilm Challenge
Sharmill Films


Seeking justice and revenge, five friends violently attack a man in his remote country house. Their plan: the perfect murder. Confident that their victim’s death by his own hand will not be questioned, they overdose him on sleeping pills, but it all goes horribly wrong when their attempt fails and their victim fights for his life.

LBF The Film

LBF is a ‘pop art film’ based on the novel Living Between Fucks by Cry Bloxsome from which it draws much of its wry narration. Paris-based writer Goodchild (Toby Schmitz) returns to Sydney for the funeral of his ex-girlfriend The Dead Girl (Gracie Otto) and steadily veers off the rails.

Mad Bastards

TJ is a hard-edged Aboriginal man who’s sick of scraping out an existence in the city. He travels to the tiny frontier town of Five Rivers in search of his son. Upon his arrival, TJ is confronted by the equally tough local cop Texas… and so begins a story about hard men battling to do the right thing by their family.

Mad Bastards Official Website


When 16-year-old Jamie is introduced to a charismatic man, a friendship begins. As the relationship grows so do Jamie’s suspicions, until he finds his world threatened by both his loyalty for, and fear of, his newfound father figure, John Bunting: Australia’s most notorious serial killer. Starring Lucas Pittaway and Daniel Henshall and directed by Justin Kurzel (Blue Tongue), Snowtown is the first feature film to be produced by Warp Films Australia.

Snowtown Official Website

Red Hill

A young police officer must survive his first day’s duty in a small country town. Cast overview: Ryan Kwanten, Steve Bisley, Tommy Lewis, Claire van der Boom, Christopher Davis, Kevin Harrington, Richard Sutherland, Ken Radley, John Brumpton, Cliff Ellen, Jim Daly, Dom Phelan, Eddie Baroo, Tim Hughes, Ken Connley

Summer Coda

In the vein of Bertolucci’s Stealing Beauty, Richard Gray’s SUMMER CODA is an Australian film with a decidedly unique setting — the stunning orange groves of sun-baked Mildura against the majestic backdrop of the Murray River.

Summer Coda Official Website

Beautiful Kate

‘Beautiful Kate’ – An Australian film directed by Rachel Ward and based on the Newton Thornburg novel about a writer’s trip to his home to farewell his dying father which triggers some long-forgotten memories to surface.

Cedar Boys – Movie Trailer

“A young Lebanese-Australian panel-beater, struggling to realise his dreams, is offered a chance to set himself up for life. All he has to do is follow a plan to outsmart the cops and a gang of serious criminals.


In April 1987, two North Americans disappeared in the West Australian desert on a 4WD holiday. They were never seen alive again. Their abandoned vehicles and totally unused supplies were found in sand dunes near an Aboriginal sacred site less than an hour away from the closest town. Two years later, in May 1989, the two men were both found dead of natural causes, on the same day, 1,000 miles apart back in North America.

Eight ball cinema trailer

Like balls on a pool table, the lives of strangers collide and change course; 8 BALL is a philosophical suspense drama about order in the chaos of life, and the need for human connection. The film follows the intertwining stories of 3 lonely characters: an orphan child searching for his mother, an ex-con attempting to reunite with his daughter, and a pool hustler forced into a life of crime

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