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Independence is the key to successful filmmaking

Independence is the key to successful filmmaking

The vast majority of Australian films are not successful at the box office, which is why they are heavily subsidized by the government.

The problem with this high number of unsuccessful films is that Australian films have earned a reputation as being unentertaining. This repels both audiences and investors.

We need to change this image in order to attract private investment and lure audiences back. The question is, how? Read More >>

Why Australian Filmmaking is deep in the red

Almost every Australian feature film is government funded, and almost no Australian feature film makes a profit. As a result, our film industry is running at a huge financial loss. In contrast, the U.S. film industry makes huge profits that on average grow steadily year on year.

Australian films’ share of the box office is shrinking, both locally and globally. This will continue to occur while our industry growth relies on government funding. The U.S. film industry can plough its huge profits back into film production and grow organically, while in Australia this is not the case.


The Future of Video: Moving Into the Internet

Technology is leading to a turn in everything from video to television.  For anyone interested in video production are several opportunities that are leading to a completely new future for video lovers and movie buffs.  Understanding how the Internet is turning the world of videos is the beginning to understanding the revolutionary turns for video production.


Getting Together a Crew:Roles in the Film Industry

Traditional movie roles include an entire crew of individuals that work together to make sure the picture available is perfected.  Understanding the functions of the crew that works together also shows how a film moves from it’s beginning to end in completeness.  Following is a list of the main individuals that collaborate to make sure the movie is put together.


Boosting the Economy Through Movie Productions

If you want to increase traffic and boost the economy in your local town, then an easy invitation is through international film productions.  Through this, you can get the movie gurus and producers into one area to enjoy the scenery and to show your area on film, while stimulating the economy.  The different perspectives that help to change the economy with video production is the beginning to finding the right angle to any community.


How Australia Benefits from its Film Industry

World-wide, the film industry is a multi-billion dollar business. When Australia successfully competes to bring home a share of that business, it benefits the whole country.

Having a film shot in an Australian location brings money flooding into that area. Actors and extras get jobs, and so do crew, but the effect is much wider than that. There’ss work for engineers, builders, electricians, caterers, painters, tailors, horse-wranglers, guides – a breath-taking range of occupations benefit directly.