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About is a portal, directory and community for Australian film-makers, those involved in the industry and those interested in Australian film-making.

This site was born out of a passion for wanting to promote the Australian film industry to the Australian public and to the rest of the world. That means the business of the site is conducted with a positive determination and a genuine care for the results, both in the short and long term. is devoted to the Australian film industry. Our aim is to help promote the industry as well as those involved directly and indirectly and also to help it grow by providing linkage & communication between film-related businesses, artists, professionals, amateurs and the interested public.

The film business is good for Australia.Having a film shot in an Australian location brings money flooding into that area. Actors and extras get jobs, and so do crew, but the effect is much wider than that. There’s work for engineers, builders, electricians, caterers, painters, tailors, horse-wranglers, guides – a breath-taking range of occupations benefit directly.

The benefits to Australia of a thriving and stable film and video industry cannot be over-estimated. aims to provide a home and a helping hand for those with a deep-seated passion for Australian cinema, who want to continue to see Australian voices, stories and landscapes splashed across the world’s screens.

Roberto Giunta is the founder of “I pride myself on my strong sense of ethics, commitment to integrity, passion and my determination to make a positive difference.”

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