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48 Hour Film Project
48 EcoFilm Challenge
Sharmill Films

48 Eco Film Challenge 2012 Films

This year the 48 EcoFilm Challenge gave filmmakers the oppotunity to leave their mark in the world in a unique competition that took place on July 6-8, 2012. The winning film by Oh My Creative won $5,000 in cash and a place in the Cannes film festival Short Film Corner. In total over $12,000 in cash was awarded at the Awards ceremony on Friday July 27, 2012.

Filmmakers had to make a film that addresses “Greening Your Ride” and how the world’s supply of oil is becoming more scarce and more expensive and what people are doing about it. Of course, they also had to make this film in 48 hours using a provided character, prop and line of dialogue.

Winner Best Film – Team Oh my creative Electric Dreams – 48 Eco Film Challenge

Runner Up Best Film – The Magnificent

2ND RUNNER UP – Media Pending

Parramatta Prize for inspiring change – Rabriate

Best Student Film – Bear in a Box Media

Woulda, Shoulda and Coulda Award – Sudden Stop

Paper Moose – Nick & Seaton’s Palace of Sexy Secrets

Paper Moose has won audience choice award at the 48 Hour Film Project NSW 3 years running and took the main prize in 2010. They are the creators of Nick & Seaton’s Palace of Sexy Secrets, which is a weekly sketch comedy series, that deals in the absurd, the surreal and the humorous and is the creative outlet for the group who spend most of their days creating corporate and promotional video’s to fund their comedic endeavours.

48 Hour Film Project NSW 2011 – Kickoff

48 Hour Film Project NSW – Kickoff 23rd September  2011.  Teams and Genres


Team Name                                     Genre
Ant Productions                                   Heist
Art House Pancake                              Film De Femme
Aryavision                                             Detective
Awesome                                               Thriller/Suspense
Ba Ou Ci                                                 Period Piece
Bear in Box Media                               Comedy
Bheeema Studios                                 musical or western
BIRL Productions                                Fantasy
Blatant Labs                                          Musical or Western
Brains                                                     Romance
CloudChaser                                          Time Travel
Faff                                                          Thriller
Far Off Distance Production              Super Hero
Five Fifty Five                                       Horror
For Reel Productions                          Detective
Gen Q                                                     Mocumentary
GMR Pictures with Sharpshooter    Super Hero
Godville                                                 Mocumentary
Gyrate                                                    Super Hero
IMENURU                                            Time Travel
Les Directeurs                                      Science Fiction
Levelz                                                     Fantasy
Luke Carruthers                                  Time Travel
Magic Lion                                           Romance
Michael Mitchell                                 Mocumentary
Musketeers                                           Time Travel
Nabinabah                                            Film De Femme
Nashibox Productions                        Detective
NVM                                                       Heist
Obviously Inconspicuous                   Period Piece
Offensive Pictures                                Horror
On a Wing and Prayer                        Romance
Panda Clap                                            Fantasy
Paper Moose Production                    Super Hero
Phatcat productions                            Thriller/Suspense
RAWproduction                                   Family Film
Rolling Pictures                                    Comedy
Scenario Productions                          Comedy
Swallow Me Silly                                  Heist
Sylvanvale                                              Horror
Teacup Films                                         musical or western
Team Dominion                                    Comedy
The Crooked River Collective             Period Piece
The Cropped Frame                              Comedy
The Future of Cinema                          Comedy
The Magnificent                                     Time Travel
The Pro Talent Team                             Comedy
The What ifs                                            Horror
Tin Can Clan                                            Thriller/Suspense
Trois                                                          Mocumentary
Vavazoom                                                Mocumentary

Vinh’s Speech – Best Film 48 Green Hours

Interview with the makers of Kick The Bucket

The Runner up

Your Film could shown at Canne Film Festival in 2012

Your Film could shown at Canne in 2012

Green Hours film competition is a new film initiative brought to you by the organisers of the 48 hour film project designed to promote the role that film can play in raising awareness and encouraging action in enviromental issues. Just like the 48HFP, the 48 Green Hours challenges you to make a narrative short film in only 48 hours, writing, shooting, and editing it. But, to mix things up, this challenge has some slightly different rules than the 48HFP.
* Environmental Themes. You will be randomly assigned a theme for your film which has to do with the environment.
* No genre assignment. You get to pick your own genre–just notify us which one you picked when you turn in your film.
* Elements. We will still provide you with a character, prop, and a line of dialogue which must appear in your film.

The 48 Hour Film Project Sydney

The 48 Hour Film Project will be held over one weekend in which your chosen team makes a movie together. You will have just 48 Hours to write, shoot, edit and score it. Read More >>