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48 EcoFilm Challenge
Sharmill Films

Palankay Creations

Audio Post-production in Film and Television. Sound Design, Fx Dialogue & Foley Editing, ADR & Foley Recording, Sound Mixing.

Over 30 years experience in the industry


2011 Big Mamma’s Boy Feature, Drama, 90mins, Valarc Films, Australia, Sound Designer

2010 Balibo Feature, Drama, 90mins, Arena Film, Australia, Sound Editor

2010 My Strange Pet Animation, Children’s, 3mins, 3D Films, Australia, Sound Designer

2010 Surviving Georgia Feature, Drama, 90mins, Surviving Georgia, Australia, Sound Editor

2010 Van Dieman’s Land Feature, Drama, 90mins, Inspiration Studios, Australia, Sound Designer

2010 Wasted on the Young Feature, Drama, 90mins, WBMC, Australia, Sound Editor

2009 Dirt Game TV Series, Drama, 45mins, Harvey Taft Productions, Australia, Sound Editor

1992 Romper Stomper Feature, Drama, 90mins, Romper Stomper P/L, Australia, Music Editor