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How Australia Benefits from its Film Industry

World-wide, the film industry is a multi-billion dollar business. When Australia successfully competes to bring home a share of that business, it benefits the whole country.

Having a film shot in an Australian location brings money flooding into that area. Actors and extras get jobs, and so do crew, but the effect is much wider than that. There’ss work for engineers, builders, electricians, caterers, painters, tailors, horse-wranglers, guides – a breath-taking range of occupations benefit directly.

Another step away is the benefit to the hospitality industry. All those people need to be housed and fed, and restaurants and hotels can guarantee being booked out for months while filming is under way. The cast and crew will spend thousands in local shops, and famous actors can start trends for particular local goods simply by being photographed buying something or having a meal.

When the frequency of film-making is steady enough, support businesses can be confident enough to set up around it – professional costumiers, special effects and make-up people, talent agencies. Acting and directing become viable professions for young Australian people, who know they don’t have to go overseas to make a crust.

All of this brings in tax revenue, which benefits the country as a whole. It’s money that, without an incentivised film and video industry, would have been spent and earned in other countries.

Once a film is release, the second wave of cashing-in begins. Whether it’s Picnic at Hanging Rock, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, or Australia, the unique beauty of the country takes a starring role. Overseas viewers find they want to see that mind-blowing landscape for themselves. Australia seizes their minds as a holiday destination. Both tourism and the film industry itself brings in revenue from outside Australia, which is of enormous benefit to the economy.

The film industry, and the tourism it brings, are green industries. Providing locations often means having unspoilt scenery – and the same landscape can be used over and over again, providing a continual benefit to its community, unlike more traditional industries such as mining.

The benefits to Australia of a thriving and stable film and video industry cannot be over-estimated. aims to provide a home and a helping hand for those with a deep-seated passion for Australian cinema, who want to continue to see Australian voices, stories and landscapes splashed across the world’s screens.