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Getting Together a Crew:Roles in the Film Industry

Traditional movie roles include an entire crew of individuals that work together to make sure the picture available is perfected.  Understanding the functions of the crew that works together also shows how a film moves from it’s beginning to end in completeness.  Following is a list of the main individuals that collaborate to make sure the movie is put together.

Film producer: This is the “CEO” of movies, and is in charge of coordinating the movie and the members that are involved in the production.  The film producer is expected to find the funds to make sure a movie gets produced, and is also in charge of getting the right people involved in the production.  A producer also looks at ways to distribute a film after the final stages of making a movie. 

Production manager: The role of the manager is to make sure that everything is available to the making of the movie.  This includes involvement in the budget that is available and to make sure  the tools needed, such as technology, are available.  The manager also takes care of other personnel in the movie through changing things such as scheduling. 

Unit manager: This is a secondary production manager, but the focus is not on the complete movie look, but also to overlook the different sections, or units, that are a part of the film. 

Production coordinator: Just like the name implies, this individual is responsible for getting the entire production together.  The production coordinator has to make sure that equipment is available, is responsible for hiring personnel and finds any extra talent or crew needed for a movie.

Director:  This individual is responsible of the direction of the film.  The role that is involved with this is based on a creative understanding of the film, rather than a technical direction that is taken care of by others.  The director is known to be involved in everything from the locations that the shoots need to take place to the technology and camera shots that are produced, as well as the look, movements and acting of the individuals in the film. 

First and second assistant director:  These individuals are responsible for the environment that is set for the shooting of any film.  Their main duties are to assist in the specific shots so everything is coordinated correctly and so things such as scheduling or location don’t become a problem for any of the video shoots needed. 

Script supervisor: The script supervisor keeps track of the script that is used.  Everything from small changes that need to be made with the script to making sure that the settings are correct and correspond with the text. 

Art Department: This is divided into types of art assistance that is needed, beginning with main art directors.  This continues with individuals that are in charge of the sets that are used, props that are included in each scene, construction of the scenes and setting up landscapes. 

Wardrobe: Of course, a crucial set of roles that are a part of the production of a film is based on the set-ups for the actors and actresses.  Typically, there are job descriptions for hair and make-up artists, wardrobe and costume designers and even individuals that are designated to buy different types of outfits for individuals. 

Camera settings:  This includes those who are looking at all angles of how a camera should be used.  This is divided into directors that overlook the cinema shoots to cinematographers and operators that are in charge of capturing everything on film.  This is continued with those who produce the images after it has been placed on the film. 

Individuals that work with the films after this point are based on helping to get the end results together.  A section is typically designated to lighting, rigging, production sounds and electrical needs on the set.  Off the set, are jobs that are filled for editing what is needed, adding in visual effects and putting in music that is needed for the film.  These are combined to create a complete look to the film produced. 

Within these jobs, are also assistants and others who are a part of the filming process.  Depending on the type of film that is being made, as well as the specifics that are needed for each film, are also different descriptions that are added into the process needed for the film production.  As can be seen, everything from the basic coordination of the film to the creative process are a part of the make up of a film.